IWHi readers, my name is Irfaan Wahid and this is my site, irfaanwahid.tech, as you probably already know it!

I am from Nairobi, Kenya, and it is an amazing place!!! I would recommend your next holiday destination to be Kenya!

I am at heart, a hard-core programmer/software engineer/developer.

I’ve been coding since 1998, and I started coding in Pascal. Moved to Visual Basic 6, which was fantastic until some years back, when Microsoft decided they will not make it easy installing VS6 onto its new operating system.

I still code, but it has significantly reduced, due to my changing roles over the years.

I am passionate about technology. I follow, read, learn, educate others on various technologies, tech companies, tech personalities, tips & tricks.

I’ll be blogging around the same topics as mentioned above, and other related topics and discussions, and closely following Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple. That does not mean I’ll not blog about other companies.

That’s it for now folks, see you on the other side of the site, that is blogs!

-Irfaan Wahid



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