About Me


Hey folks!

I live in Nairobi, Kenya, a wonderful place!

Writing is my hobby and technology my passion.

The Result = irfaanwahid.tech.

I’ve been coding since 1998, and I am one of those who used to have sleepless nights finishing up projects and not going out the door over the weekends. Sad, right.

I started coding in Pascal. Moved to Visual Basic 6, which was fantastic until some years back, when Microsoft decided they will not make it easy installing VS6 onto its new operating system. I now code on Visual Studio.NET, with a mix of SQL database, throw in a bit of Azure (cloud), a little here and there web development.

I am passionate about technology. I follow, read, learn, educate others on various technologies, tech companies, tech personalities, tips & tricks. I recently won Windows Insiders MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award from Microsoft for the year 2020. Click here for the Profile at Microsoft.

Few months back, I also ventured into an E-commerce platform, called, Yammy By IMSoft (www.yammy.co.ke). The platform offers the following categories for your shopping needs:

  • Computers & Accessories
  • Phones & Accessories
  • Video Games
  • Fashion (Men/Women)
  • Books
  • Groceries

Coming back to blogging, I’ll be blogging around the same topics as mentioned above, and other related topics and discussions, and closely following Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple and any other interesting and exciting technology that needs to be discussed.

I’m also open for discussions around:

  • Customized software developments/solutions for Windows and Microsoft Cloud platforms
  • Integrated customized solutions for Sage Evolution ERP or dashboard reports/apps
  • Writing tech articles for magazines/websites
  • Product reviews
  • Sponsored posts

YOU can write to correct me, give suggestions, or just drop in to say hi.

That’s it from me folks, see you on the other side of the site, the blogs!

You can reach me at:


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