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Google’s YouTube may turn into Amazon

Interestingly, Alphabet’s YouTube may utilize its petabytes of data into e-commerce shopping destination.

As per recent post by Bloomberg, YouTube is considering all the products that are shown by the content creators in their videos, such as toys, smartphones, laptops and many other, become shoppable with a click of a button, for those viewing the content.

YouTube, is the king of online videos and has done a tremendous job of churning out new content creators almost every day around the world. You could probably search for anything on YouTube and chances are there is a video for it. And that is a lot of data sitting on Google’s servers that is ready to be utilized in various ways, apart from just Ads that Google is already using.

The idea is, if you are watching a video on YouTube is the creator is talking about some new phone or a toy, chances are during the video there could be a pop up button telling us, buy this product, upon which it can take you to a site to, where you can further look at the details for the product and Check Out. Interesting.

Apparently, this new feature is already under testing with few selected creators/channels, confirmed by one of YouTube’s spokesperson. The person also said this is under experiment so no further details were given.

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