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Microsoft is bringing new features to Teams

Slack’s biggest competitor, Microsoft Teams is a collaboration, chat, file-share, audio and video chat application that was developed not long ago.

Microsoft has been aggressively pushing new features, especially now when most of the people are working from home and demand in collaboration tools has never been this high.

In the recent blog post, shared by Jared Spataro – Corporate VP for Microsoft 365, Jared shares some of the new features that are coming to Teams. Jared says, there is a new record of 2.7 billion minutes spent on Microsoft Teams on one day.

New record of 2.7 billion minutes spent on Teams on one day

Some of notable features that are coming soon include:

  • Raised hand: As it self explains, with a new Raise hand icon in Teams during a conference call, if you click it lets other user know in the meeting that you got something to say.
  • Custom backgrounds: I think this could be the most requested feature, as when I attended digital MVP summit this year, most users asked when is this feature going to be available. Custom Backgrounds, is an additional to already available “Blur background” where a participant can change the background in a live video call to something the user wishes to. The user can replace the office/room at home’s background to any wallpaper and Microsoft Teams’s built in AI will auto-magically overlay your image on top of the background. It’s like a cut-out of your video image.
  • End meeting: I wonder why this wasn’t already there. The organizer of the meeting can end the meeting for all the participants with click of a button.
  • Participant report: The organizer can now know when a new participant has joined in the meeting or left the meeting. The organizer can also generate a report for all the attendees.
  • Real Time noise suppression: With the aid of AI, Teams reduces the background noise during a meeting for a participant. Imagine when you are in a meeting there is a baby crying noise? Things like that!

Now Microsoft, if you are reading this. Please bring “Delete Conversations” feature in the Chats.

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