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Google updates ChromeOS to v81

Google updates ChromeOS to v81

Alexander – Director of ChromeOS writes in a blog post,

With the latest Chrome OS update, Chromebook tablet mode is simpler to navigate thanks to new gestures, the launch of Quick shelf, and updates to Chrome browser that are tailored specifically for tablet mode.

There are couple improvements to the v81, most notably are around the Tablet Mode.

Navigation: Navigation is simpler with gestures using touch. Like swiping up takes you to the home screen in the tablet mode, or swipe up and hold it for a sec to get a glance of apps running.

Shelf Redesign: The shelf (similar to Docks in iOS/Mac) is hidden in the tablet mode and with a small swipe up from the button brings up the Shelf.

PiP: Picture in Picture also gets an update and is now supported on all Google Play Store applications on Chromebook, for laptop and tablet mode. What this means, if you are watching a Netflix show, you can minimize the video screen and do some other activity on your Chromebook.

Tabs Improvements: Chrome tabs works better with touch now, with a touch friendly tab strip while in tablet mode. When you are browsing in a tablet mode, you will be able to open a new tab with a big tab button, dragging and closing tabs is also easier now.

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