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Microsoft cancels all in-person events till mid next year

Microsoft cancels all in-person events till mid next year

As most of you are aware of the Microsoft Windows Insiders MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award that was given to me early this year, and one of the benefits of becoming Microsoft MVP is to attend Global MVP Summit that is held every year at the Microsoft Campus in Seattle.

Unfortunately (but for valid reasons), the MVP Summit, along many others got cancelled due to the novel COVID-19 pandemic. I was actually excited to attend my first ever MVP Summit at Microsoft HQ but fate had things planned differently.

Microsoft events that were planned for this year include Global MVP Summit, BUILD, Inspire, Ignite are all getting cancelled for in-person and MVP, BUILD and Inspire are turning into Digital only events. This excludes Ignite which is heavy on partners and Microsoft is still figuring out the best way to move forward with Ignite.

All in-person events by Microsoft will be digital only till July 2021 (except for Ignite at the time of writing) which means next Global MVP Summit and BUILD will also be digital only as MVP Summit happens around March and BUILD somewhere in May. I believe this also means the Surface event that is mostly held in October every year is also going digital only. I am not sure how pumped Panos is going to be with no live audience. Microsoft is expected to launch Surface Neo and Duo later this year at their Surface event.

I am actually disappointed that even next year also I will not be attending the summit, but again, all these cancellations is for a greater cause and to avoid the spread of the virus. I already attended a 4 day digital only MVP Summit and it was a fun ride and different experience from the one I have been attending in-person events.

The best thing about a digital event is one can jump in and out of sessions very easily and quickly, unlike a real one where you have to walk across the halls.

For now, what matters most is the containment of the COVID-19 and we all pray together that this situation goes under control very soon, globally.

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