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Microsoft updates Edge with vertical tabs and Smart Copy

Microsoft yesterday announced Microsoft 365 for Life in a virtual event, and along with it it also announced some new features that is coming to Chromium based new Microsoft Edge.

I must say, Microsoft has improved a lot with its videos

Microsoft Edge will have Vertical Tabs targeted towards power users who like to open multiple tabs at once. Vertical tabs will have scrolling for easy maneuvering.

There is also a new feature coming with the new Edge, called Smart Copy. We all know what a pain it is sometimes to copy certain content types from a website and when you paste it, the formatting goes berserk.

With Smart Copy, Edge maintains the formatting intact so when you paste it, for example a table from the web to Excel, it will retain the headings and columns – the table.

A neat and very useful feature is also getting introduced in the new Edge is Password Monitor.

With Password Monitor, when you are signing into a website, Password Monitor will lookup those credentials to check whether they are stolen/compromised.

If it does detect that your credentials are compromised, it will redirect you to the website for those credentials to ask you to immediately update your password.

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