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See for yourself Surface Duo out in the wild (Video)

Last week someone in a train in Vancouver took the technology enthusiasts to a surprise by posting a picture on Twitter on something that now feels legit, a Surface Duo.

A video also surfaces on the internet about that same person on the train using an actual – pre-production Surface Duo device, and it looks pretty sleek but yet buggy. See for yourself.

There is definitely a Flash light to support a camera. So for what we have been hearing is that the cameras will just be about good, and nothing to compare with the superior iPhone and Samsung cameras.

There are also rumors that Duo may actually release earlier than expected, sometime first half of 2020. It is also possible that Microsoft may release this device to developers first and then release to the general public at the end of the year. I think more details will be revealed at May’s BUILD this year.

Microsoft had announced several Surface products in October last year, among them were the new category defining products, Surface Neo and Surface Duo. Click here for more info.

Till then, enjoy the video and let us know what you think about the device.

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