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Becoming Microsoft Most Valued Professional

Yesterday afternoon on 1st January 2020, I received an email from Microsoft congratulating and announcing the Most Valued Professional (MVP) award.

For those who may not know what is Microsoft MVP and the benefits of becoming one, here are some details:

Microsoft defines MVPs as, “Technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community.”

MVP awards or recognition lasts for a year. This is because Microsoft wants its most passionate professionals to keep learning new Microsoft technologies and share the same with the tech community.

How Microsoft awards this varies, and this is because every MVP contributes to the community in different ways. However, one of the most important criteria Microsoft looks into is the impact you made in the last 12 months in the tech community.

And what does the MVP award mean? Some of the key benefits to the MVP are:

  • Early access to Microsoft products
  • Direct communication with product teams
  • Invitation to Global MVP Summit, an special invitation to Microsoft HQ in Redmond
  • Some goodies like annual pass for Office 365 / Visual Studio subscriptions

You can find more details here.

And finally, I did like to thank my readers on site, because of the community that you are.. on this site, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is the reason we get this recognition. Thank You and Happy New Year.

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