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Bing search adds two important features this holiday season

Just BING it! Well, that quite never happened. When Microsoft changed their branding from Live Search to Bing, they hoped users will get used to the new and simple pronunciation product name just like how people say, just Google it.

Nevertheless, Bing sits at far distanced number two in search engine market with only 2.3% behind only behemoth, Google with more than 90% market share.

That however does not stop Microsoft from adding new features to their search engine. Through a blog post, Bing team announced two new features that will be shipping sometime this month.

Visual Search in Windows 10

The built in Search feature in Windows 10 today is able to search locally and on the web.

With the new update, Microsoft is adding a new Visual Search capability in the search bar. What this essentially does is if you have a picture on your computer for a car, chair, table or anything for that matter, you can select that area (the car, chair etc) and Visual Search will make a search with the selected area/input.

Quite useful feature I must say.

Flight Search & Bookings

Bing team has partnered with Flight Booking companies to give a seamless experience to Bing users who are searching for Flights and want to book flights.

The team explains, looking for a flight is as simple as making a search, eg, Flights from Nairobi to London and the user should see result as shown above. You can also further go deep and look for various options and filters.

This is a very useful feature and I am certain many users will use this functionality.

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