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Let’s discuss iPhone 11

So it’s time of the year when Apple and many other tech giants release their flagship products. Last month Apple released their new phones, this week Microsoft announced their flagship hardware and Google will soon be announcing their Pixel Phones too.

Apple last month released 2019 lineup of iPhones – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Last year Apple had confusingly released a third phone, called the iPhone XR (10R) that was meant to be the cheaper iPhone from the two flagships, iPhone XS and XS Max.

I feel Apple this year has positioned its phones the right way. It is the phone that most people will like to own and will be satisfied as it hits most of the right check boxes.

But if there are people who care about certain features more than what’s offered in the iPhone 11, then there is the Pro editions of the iPhone. iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are the expensive siblings to the iPhone 11 and adds some features that 11 does not include, like the beautiful OLED screen, fast battery adapter and the most important feature, the incredible triple camera systems.

Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 11 is one of the best smart phones available today. It’s an incremental update from last year’s XR.

There are 3 key features to discuss about the iPhone 11:

The Price

The iPhone 11 starts at USD 699 (in the US), USD50 less than the previous generation. Although I feel the sweet spot would have been 650, nonetheless it is still a good deal.

You can get it in Nairobi, Kenya and get it delivered to your address for Ksh 105,000 for 128GB (link here) and Ksh 99,000 for 64GB (link here).

There are couple of other interesting products in this price point, and also surpass the specs of iPhone 11 in many ways. Of course, the first phone that comes to mind is OnePlus 7T (the latest) and OnePlus 7 Pro. OnePlus 7T which released last month starts at USD 599 and OnePlus 7 Pro starts at USD 669 and both excel in every aspects of specs.

iPhone 11 has a very premium build quality, multiple colors (Black, green, yellow, purple, red and white), very good dual cameras and if you are invested in the iOS ecosystem and love the simplicity, then this is the one you should go for.

The Cameras

iPhone 11 comes with 3 camera sensors, 1 at the front and 2 at the rear. The cameras are significantly better than the last generation of the iPhones. XR came with a single camera.

It comes with wide (or the normal view) at f/1.8 and ultra wide angles at f/1.4 and updated the front camera to 12MP. It now captures 4K 60 frames per second for video recording. Then there is the incredible new Night Mode similar to what was introduced in the Pixel phones. Night Mode brightens up photos in a low lit environments. Apple has done a fantastic job at this, better than what’s found in Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10. Though Google is soon to release their new Pixel phones so definitely they will be improving their cameras too.

The Battery

Apple claims iPhone 11 lasts an hour longer than its predecessor, iPhone XR. But we all know, claims made by the companies are not what real life tests are which vary how the phones are used in different scenarios.

Apple has got this improvement through its new processors, optimized iOS that does power management better and with a slightly bigger battery. In various tests iPhone 11 gives a full day run.

The display still remains Liquid Retina LCD with 329 DPI 720p. The display is not as good as what is found in iPhone 11 Pro, OLED display which means the new Dark Mode feature in iOS13 feels more beautiful in the Pro series than the iPhone 11. The blacks are not as deep as the OLED, so ya.

iPhone 11 comes with A13 Bionic processor which is really fast, the same is also found in the iPhone 11 Pro. It is difficult to notice the difference in the speeds as iPhones always has amazing speeds, thanks to its optimized operating system. There are 3 storage options, the lame 64GB, 128GB and 258GB.

FaceID is slightly improved which is a good thing. The notch is still the same size that was found in iPhone X, XS and now 11 and 11 Pro. I really hoped Apple would have at least reduced the notch size if not removed at all. There are talks in the town that Apple will be ditching the notch completely in 2020.

Well that wraps up my thoughts on iPhone 11. There are still some minor details that I haven’t written about, but that’s okay. All the important stuff has been mentioned here.

So it brings me to the question. Should you buy it? The answer to me is clear, and as follows.

For users:

  • iPhone 6, 7 and 8 – Yes, you should. Loads of new things for you. If you really care about the cameras, then definitely yes.
  • iPhone X – There are no solid reasons for you to upgrade because iPhone 11 does look and feel nearly identical. If you care about improved cameras and battery life, then yes you can think about it.
  • iPhone XS – Well, there is no plenty of reasons for you. If your current XS or XS Max are working fine, you may wait for next years lineup.

Currently Yammy by IMSoft has got some good prices for iPhone 11. If Kenyan readers are interested in buying, you should check it out.

  • iPhone 11 64 GB is priced Ksh 99,000 – click here.
  • iPhone 11 128 GB is going for Ksh 105,000 – click here.

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