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Truly, Anything but Ordinary – Microsoft Event breakdown

I have been trying to digest with all the information Microsoft released this morning in New York at a Microsoft Event dubbed – Anything but Ordinary.

There’s loads to talk about, so let’s just dive in:

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Surface Laptop 3

This beautiful device’s customers are the most satisfied among all the Surface family of products, as Microsoft touted.

Surface Laptop 3 has been updated with few important and long overdue features, such as of course the USB Type C. Microsoft finally adds Type C in addition to USB A to Surface Laptop 3 and most of all the other announced products in today’s event.

Laptop 3 now comes in two sizes, the 13.5″ and additional 15″. The processor is updated with Intel Core 10th Generation with All-Day battery life. Surface Laptop 3 adds new colors – Sandstone and Cobalt.

The new device comes in the infamous Alcantara finish and brand new machined aluminum all-metal finish. The Surface Laptop 3 15″ also comes in a AMD Ryzen Surface Edition processor. Microsoft claims Surface Laptop 3 with Fast charging can take up 80% charge within 1hour. That incredible, but something that needs to be tested in the real world.

Surface Laptop 3 – 13.5″ starts at USD999 and 15″ starts at USD1,199.

Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X

Surface Pro 7

Since its inception, Surface Pro has been my favorite device. I use it almost everyday at work and at home. It’s incredibly thin, light and powerful. The only caveat is its battery life which does not give me more than 4-5 hours.

Microsoft said, Surface Pro is their best selling Surface device among rest of the Surface devices. Surface Pro 7 comes with Intel’s 10th Gen Core Processor, with USB Type C and A, with All-Day battery life claim! The last part is something that is yet to be seen. But Surface Pro 7 isn’t the highlight of the event, the new Surface Pro X has got everything a Pro 7 carries plus more.

Surface Pro X

It is 5.33mm and 1.68 pounds or 0.76 KG, they say it is the most powerful, thinnest and lightest device. Like Apple’s own A13 Bionic processor that powers most of their iOS/iPadOS devices, Microsoft partnered with Qualcomm and made their own Microsoft SQ1 (ARM) Processor that is powering Surface Pro X.

With SPX Microsoft has shrunk the bezels to give it a 13″ display edge to edge touch screen. With redesigned Type Cover and the new wireless charging Surface Slim Pen, the Type Cover has a slot for the Pen where it charges wirelessly.

Since Surface Pro X is powered by the ARM processor, it comes with built in LTE for Always Connected, Instant-On and All-Day battery life.

Surface Pro 7 starts at USD 749 and Surface Pro X starts at USD 999.

Surface Earbuds

Surface Earbuds

Before the announcement today, many tech pundits had already leaked information on the new Earbuds.

Surface Earbuds offers touch and voice controls for music and car controls. Surface Earbuds on Android phones support native support for Spotify with a triple tap on either of the buds.

Microsoft says, “Screen-free integration with Office 365 lets you access your Outlook calendar and email with your voice7,8 (in the U.S.) and even get live, on-screen captions and translations in PowerPoint.

It comes with a wireless charging case and with All-Day battery life at a price of USD249.

Surface Neo (Surface “Centaurus”)

Surface Neo

So it’s finally here, Surface “Centaurus” gets a final name and announced at the event today, called Surface Neo.

This is a dual-screen tablet device, with Pen and physical keyboard add-on support. The device is targeted towards productivity and comes with a brand new OS, called Windows 10X. This device can go all round 360 degrees, connecting two 9″ screens with a full friction hinge, enabling Surface Neo to adapt to whatever posture the user needs in the moment.

Via Windows 10X, especially designed for these new form factors, the OS will be able to adapt to this new dual screens and will be able to split apps between two screens, stitch the apps together (like Edge browser) to have one seamless experience shared between two screens.

Surface Neo will support Bluetooth mouse, removable keyboard and Surface Pen. The device will release towards end of next year – 2020.

Surface Duo (CodeNane: Andromeda)

Believe me, I think nobody had a clue that this device was coming. There was absolutely no news that this device was going to be announced today.

Surface Duo (This could have been Andromeda) is a wish come true for all Microsoft fans who have been wanting them to release a mobile device for such a long time, since the demise of Windows Phone.

The One More thing moment for Panos Panay (The man behind Surface devices), is the first Surface to fit in your pocket. Surface Duo – also a dual screen device comes with best in class Microsoft productivity apps with millions of Android apps in a premium built quality in a single Surface device. Surface Duo will natively support Google’s PlayStore.

Duo comes with two 5.6″ screens married together that unfold to 8.3 inches and can be used in a variety of modes.

Surface Duo is built upon Android with best in class Microsoft experiences via its many software and services. Microsoft expects developers to support this new form factor and make applications designed to run in this new dual screen form factors.

Microsoft expects its hardware partners such as HP, Dell and many others to create their own versions of Dual Screen devices supported by Windows 10X.

Just like Neo, Surface Duo is will also be releasing towards end of 2020.

Wow.. this is a lot to digest! I am super excited with so many interesting devices announced today, especially the two showstoppers, Surface Neo and Duo along with new variant of Windows 10X which is expected to be absolute light with no Win32 baggage (to be supported via virtualization).

We are marching towards a very interesting era of devices and new form factors which are going to introduce new ways to work and play.

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