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How to watch Microsoft Event online

It’s 2nd October and Microsoft will be hosting its big event today in New York at 10am or 4:40pm Kenyan time.

There’s a lot already leaked out there and I wrote a blog post yesterday, link here.

Microsoft is expected to talk about Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3 – 13 inch and a new 15 inch sizes, new Surface Pen that can be charged wireless and a new ARM based Surface Campus.

New Surface Pen

Surface Campus (rumored to be called Campus) is targeted primarily for students and may get marketed for business workers or first line staff. An ARM based Surface device is expected to have built in LTE support, longer battery hours, roughly 20hrs and Instant On that we find in current tablets such as iPads.

Rumored Surface Campus

In some new leaks on the internet, Microsoft may talk about a new Windows edition, called Windows 10X (not 10Ten). This Windows 10X is expected to come pre-installed in new devices like the Surface “Centaurus”, a new dual-screen device. Windows 10X is supposedly be a light weight version of the Windows 10 OS, stripping out all the bulky legacy Win32 stuff. Think of it more like Chrome OS or iPadOS. Though through containerization/virtualization technology, Microsoft is expected to bring Win32 apps.

I will of course be watching this live and blogging/tweeting about it all. You can live stream the event from here.

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