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Microsoft’s big week

This is a big week for Microsoft, as they unveil the latest iterations to their Surface products.

I believe this is a big event since 2015, where Microsoft launched Surface Pro 4, Surface Book 1, Microsoft Band 2 and Lumia phones. Panos Panay (Surface Chief) and team prepares to refresh best seller Surface, the Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3, and we may get Surface Book 3, though that’s unlikely.

Surface Pro 7

My favorite, Surface Pro 7 is likely to release on 2nd October with reportedly AMD processor variant and near bezel-less screen. We also hear SP7 will come with a USB Type C (no thunderbolt) and maybe with new colors. I’ve personally never liked the mini display port for video out. I would have preferred HDMI or USB Type C. Well, we probably might finally get it.

We may also get 10th Gen Intel processor in the SP7.

Some reports are circulating around that we may finally get an ARM based Surface device. If you remember, Microsoft has made Windows variant that can run on ARM processors, but none of the devices which are out there are first party, like the Surface.

Surface Laptop 3

Another Microsoft product that sells well. People wanted a Surface device which was more like a traditional looking laptop with no fancy detachable screens that both Surface Pro and Surface Book are known for.

This Wednesday a new Surface Laptop 3 is expected to launch, along with 13.5″, there could be a new 15″ edition. There could also be a variant without the Alcantara material that many were not happy about.

Surface “Centaurus”

This is a big one, if we ever get to hear about it this Wednesday. It’s been long that Microsoft has actually surprised us all with a new and interesting device. This could be it.

Microsoft’s new Dual-Screen device powered by new Windows “Lite” OS may finally get unveiled.

For past few years, we have been hearing a lot about Microsoft working on a dual screen device running Chrome like OS – dubbed Windows Lite.

We are not very sure how Microsoft is going to market this device, but Mary Jo Foley has on many occasions said that it will be more of a note taking device first, accompanied by a Pen for input.

While on the other hand, Windows Lite OS, is a new edition to the Windows family, which will be a stripped down version of the bigger Windows that we have come to love & hate. By this I mean, Windows Lite will not run Win32 apps out of the box, apps like Photoshop, traditional Word and Excel, iTunes and all.. this new OS will run apps through the Microsoft Store like the UWP apps. However, through some virtualization technology, LiteOS may get to run the traditional Win32 apps. We shall have to wait to know full information on this.

The highlight of this event is certainly Windows Lite and Centaurus and indeed the most awaited and interesting device coming out of Microsoft doors.

Look back on this Wednesday for more information. The event starts at 5pm Kenyan time.

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