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Google launches similar service to Apple Arcade

Just a few days ago Apple had launched Apple Arcade – its games subscription service where Apple users pay $5 bucks a month to get 100+ games, where some are exclusively available in Apple Arcade.

Very similar to Arcade, Google launches its own games + apps subscription service called Google Play Pass.

Google’s Play Pass comprises of 350+ fully unlocked games and apps. By unlock I mean, there is no further hidden costs that we have been plagued with in the past few years where you download game for free and keep receiving constant annoyances of ads and in-app purchases.

Currently Play Pass is launching in the US only, unlike Arcade which launched in over 100 countries, including Kenya where I have already signed up for the 1 month trial. But the service will be slowly expanded to other countries.

Where the two services are dissimilar is very interesting. Apple has gone to a route where most of the games found in Arcade are either exclusive titles with few big names or are indie games.

Google on the other hand decided to go more like Microsoft’s own GamePass subcription model. Google has curated best, most popular games, family friendly, and other big titles to its game subscription. Some of the popular games include Monument Valley, Risk, Star Wars, Limbo and apps like AcuWeather.

Just like Arcade, Google will also be refreshing games every month. Not so surprisingly, Google Play Pass costs USD 4.99 per month and up to 6 family members can share the subscription.

You of course need an Android device to use the service. Google says Play Pass is compatible with mobile, laptop and tablet devices with Play Store v16.6.25 and Android version 4.4 and above.

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