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Apple Arcade is an interesting deal

If you are an Apple follower or a fan, you probably already know what is Apple Arcade. For those who don’t, here is a summary.

Part of Apple’s new Service oriented strategy where Apple wants to shift its business focus from hardware only to Services. After all, the next big profit making category for Apple after iPhone is its services business. For example Apple Music, App Store, iCloud, News+ and soon to release, Tv+.

Apple Arcade is a new mobile game subscription releasing on Sept 19th with iOS13 where users subscribe to the game service for a flat monthly fee and enjoy 100+ games. It is very similar to GamePass for Xbox/PC from Microsoft.

Apple says there be will some games that will be available exclusively for Arcade and will not be available to purchase from the App Store. Some of the exclusive games shown on stage at the September Apple event included Frogger by Q-Games.

Some interesting titles include:

  • Overland
  • Where Cards Fall
  • Spek
  • Skate City
  • Sonic Racing from Sega
  • And many more
Dedicated tab in App Store for Arcade

Honestly, knowing Apple, I almost thought the pricing of this gaming service will be USD 9.99 (approx Ksh 1,000) per month.

I was however surprised by how reasonable this service is for 100+ games and new games added every month. The Arcade costs USD 4.99 – a family subscription. That’s about Ksh 500 for not one individual but family members. Apple Arcade will run on iPhone, iPad and Macs.

Not only that, Apple also said anyone buying new Apple devices, including Macbooks, iPhones, HomePod, Apple Watch will get one whole year Apple Arcade subscription for free. That’s USD 60 or Ksh 6,000 worth of value for the year.

There’s also 1 month free trial available when you sign up. So iPhone owners can go test the service and quality of the game titles available at launch.


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