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Thinking about Huawei Y9 (2019) – Good Specs with Good Price

I have been thinking to write about Huawei’s new mid-range Y9 (2019) model. You may wonder out of the so many phones that released this year, why would I only focus on Huawei Y9 2019?

This year we have seen many good phones, from high-end smartphones to mid-range. While late in the year iPhone Xs and Xs Max released, all above Ksh90,000 and above. On the other hand there were phones like OnePlus 6 and 6T with almost high-end specifications but with good prices.

Amidst all these, with a lot of fanfare Huawei released in October Huawei Y9 (2019) model released in 2018!

This phone has got couple of good stuff going on which I will highlight below.

Sapphire Blue Color

Coming in with vibrant colors, Sapphire blue, Aurora purple and midnight black, Y9 2019 has got a large display of 6.5 inches at 1080 by 2340 which is rare to see in mid-range smartphones

I don’t own the phone yet but I am highly considering to purchase this as my secondary smartphone. But I have played around with this phone for couple of hours and the phone is absolutely stunning, specially the Sapphire blue.

The model I tested was 64GB storage which can be expanded up to 400GB, 4GB Ram. Huawei uses their custom designed processors, Hisilicon Kirin 710. The phone support 3G/4G and comes running Android 8.1 (Oreo).

Huawei is touting its AI enabled camera systems with its two rear cameras 13MP +2MP and 16MP + 2MP front facing or selfie cameras.

Huawei says, “The camera can intelligently recognize scenes and is trained to see more than 500 scene types by creating 22 category labels to provide real-time optimization.

I personally did not get to see in action, of course in couple of hours you cannot really get to know how good the camera systems are. But because the camera knows the scenes, it focuses around those objects to give better exposure or real time optimizations to those scenes.

The phone supports portrait mode for photos, a feature which iPhone X and other newer generation phones tout.

The amazing 4000 mAh battery ensures the phone lasts the whole day with single charge. Again, since I haven’t used the phone for the whole day so I personally cannot back this up. However, reading on the net and talking to my colleagues who own the phone say that the phone does give a whole day battery life.

This is something which I deeply care about. I could easily throw in couple of extra bucks for a smartphone that can give me a whole day or more on a single charge.

Huawei says on their website, “…Providing 9 hours of video or gaming, 65 hours of music and 14 hours of webpage browsing under a 4G network

Coming to the best part for the phone. The cost.

The phone is currently available on in midnight black and sapphire blue for only Ksh 24,500.

I highly recommend this phone for buyers who are looking for decent performance, great battery, good cameras and stunning looking phone design with pocket friendly price.


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