Amazon Analysis

Amazon’s 4 Star is much bigger than you think

Amazon never fails to surprise us with its new and innovative ideas. Just last year Amazon opened cashless or till-less store where customers walk in, pick up items and just walk out without passing though any till. Yes, Amazon Go allows customers to pay automatically via their mobile app.

Source: The Verge

Amazon recently launched their new store, called, Amazon 4-star. Anyone who has ever used should be very familiar with’s customer ratings and reviews system.

On their website, customers leave comments, reviews and rate a product. The ratings go between 1 star to 5 stars. Amazon 4-star is exactly just that.

Amazon says, everything in 4-star (store) is rated 4 stars and above, a top seller, or new and trending on

I am not going to dwell too much on how well this will work. What’s profound and important to discuss is, how Amazon is leveraging OUR data to create new business opportunities.

Amazon 4-star is in direct relation to the ratings you and I have ever left for products on Amazon has averaged that out and brought those items which are highly rated by individuals like us to a brick & mortar store to further drive sales. By this, Amazon is likely targeting:

  • Potential customers who haven’t yet become users
  • Bring items to a spot light where customers may be missed while shopping online. This is good for Amazon’s suppliers as well
  • Make customers feel these items are really worthy & purchased by million other customers

We have all been listening and reading to a lot of tech pundits and businesses talking about Data is the new oil, big data and how companies can leverage. Amazon has put that in practice in a best way possible one can imagine.

I highly doubt this new idea by Amazon may flop. In fact, this will grow a lot faster than expected.

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