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Let’s discuss iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

It’s time of the year again when world’s biggest tech company unleashes its new products with a lot of noise. And they do it for a reason. Because when Apple does something – even if it has been done various times before, it is still considered as though Apple has invented. No doubts, Apple only touches a new technology if only it can perfect it and release it to the masses.


Enter 2018’s iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

Welcome to the big screens. Apple’s message for this year.

So you ask, Irfaan, what is all the hullabaloo, what is so special about this year’s iPhones. Well I say, honestly, there is nothing significant. But it also depends from which model are you coming from.


For example, after many years I have decided to skip purchasing iPhone this year but last year I bought on day 1 iPhone X 256 GB. I personally did not find anything crazy or so interesting that I must upgrade. I do like the enhanced camera of the Xs system, OLED screen is gorgeous, Face ID is noticeably faster but other than that, the rest is all the same as before.

However, conversation is completely different if one owns iPhone 5s, 6, 6s or 7 and thinking about moving to the newest beast, then I am with you.

Because you will find a lot of new, cool and interesting features in the new phone that it will be worth upgrading. There is a radical design in the body itself, stainless steel, with all glass screen except the notch at the top.

Portrait mode

The new iPhone comes with a new color Gold and a new 512 GB of storage option. Granted, 512 GB in a phone personally I feel it’s a lot and not sure which use case will fill up that kind of storage. I own 256 GB, and I take a lot of photos, music downloaded yet I have just hit half way point after a year. Nonetheless, the option is there for whoever needs it.

Let’s talk specs and prices for a minute.

So the gorgeous new iPhone Xs base model comes at $999 (64GB) or $1,150 for 256GB or if you go all out, get 512GB for whooping $1,349 (all US prices). If you convert that into Kenya shilling, roughly, it goes like Ksh 101,898, Ksh 117,300 or Ksh 137,598 respectively. Remember,  That’s a lot of money. But, that’s typical Apple for you. And sorry, for some absurd reason Apple refuses to add a 128GB of option, which makes a lot of sense than 64GB. This is Apple’s way of making more money.

But for my readers, I have a special deal. You can get iPhone Xs 64 GB Gold edition at Ksh 142,501 and iPhone Xs Max 64 GB for Ksh 158,499 before taxes.. It’s an exclusive offer for the readers here and new customers for


The younger brother Xs has brilliant 5.8 inch 2436 x 1125 at 458 ppi “Super Retina HD” display that so good to the eyes. It’s absolutely gorgeous to look at it. Its got True Tone capabilities that dynamically changes the warmth of the display to match light of your surroundings.

Meanwhile, the older brother iPhone Xs Max has got 6.5 inch 2688 x 1242 at 458 ppi. They mostly both share the same specs so I wouldn’t be spending a lot of time on this.

Both models support 12MP wide angle tele-photo cameras, 2x optical zoom, portrait mode with advanced bokeh and depth control.

To conclude on this, as I earlier said, if you already own iPhone X, then there are very little reasons for you to upgrade to Xs. If you really prefer the larger screen then iPhone Xs Max is definitely for you.

But if you are coming from the older generations of the iPhone then this is a must for you if price isn’t a concern and you are due for an upgrade.

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