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Not two but three new iPhones coming in September

Apple is reportedly working on not two but three new iPhone models expected to be announced sometime next month at Apple’s annual hardware event.

iPhone X

The world’s most valuable company is refreshing its current iPhone X line up and introducing a mid range, refining the current iPhone X model and adding super premium model which replaces the current Plus models.

Basically, iPhone has been reusing the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 body design for far too long and is now ditching that design altogether in favor of last year’s edge to edge display, the iPhone X (X actually means 10 and not letter X).

This year is supposedly the year for the “S” model. S models are small, incremental updates to the big changes to the previous year to the iPhones. For example, iPhone 6 was a big change to iPhone 5S while iPhone 6 carried forward the same design and body to the iPhone 6S model with minimal changes.

This year, Apple is taking last year’s iPhone X’s design and applying it to all the models of the iPhone. This is how:

  • New entrant/at the low end: A new multi color iPhone featuring 6.1 inch diagonal LCD display. This device is expected to be around $699.
  • Upgrading from last year’s iPhone X: The refreshed hardware will of course come with better processor and camera among other but small niceties. This will be a 5.8 inch OLED display. My guess is this device can cost $999.
  • New high end: Or rather replacing or going bigger than the Plus models of the previous iPhone generations. This one comes with whooping 6.5 inch OLED display, the biggest display Apple has ever done in an iPhone. It will retain similar features as the last year’s iPhone X, like the body design, the notch, dual cameras and a glass back. This edition may sit between $1,100 to $1,200.

The pricing is still unclear but purely guesses as of now. Even we are not yet sure how all three devices will be named. Since last year’s models were iPhone 8 and X (10) skipping number 9. It will be interesting to see what they call this year.

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