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Microsoft makes a Free Tier for Teams

Early last year Microsoft released Slack competitor called, Microsoft Teams. If you don’t know what Microsoft Teams is, it is a collaborating tool between groups of people or Teams within or outside of an organization. Some of the features Teams include are group chatting, audio/video calls, creating groups/channel streams for different topics or departments or projects. Users can schedule meetings, shares notes and attachments and search through past chats.

Up until now Microsoft Teams was offered as part of Office 365, meaning you had to have paid subscription in order use Teams.

But Microsoft yesterday announced that there was a new tier coming (in preview now) which made Teams for free for individuals. This is fantastic news for smaller companies, groups of students, or even freelancers who want to work as a Team and need to have a workplace to share ideas.

A lot of people had been requesting Microsoft about the free tier and it is now finally coming which is good news.

Obviously, there are a few limitations from the paid version, but I don’t think they are any deal breakers. Things like, storage is 2gb per user and 10gb for shared compared to 1tb per user, custom domains can’t be used, scheduling of meetings or making phone calls.

If you are interested, you can sign up for the preview here.

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