AI powered Google News app now available

Last week at Google IO, Google announced their new News app, simply called Google News.

I had not reported about this app because it was not available in Kenya yet. But when I checked it on App Store last night it was available to download.

Google says the revamped news app is now Artificial Intelligence powered.

Using Machine Learning, the app in the back end runs through fast breaking news stories and present it to the app in easy to understand beautiful layout in timelines. The app picks local news, international and other relevant information.

The app is divided into 4 segments:

For you – This section is curated just for you based on your followings, interests, search history etc. Google trains its algorithms to understand you better and your interests and provides you with the top 5 stories.

Headlines – It shows breaking news and other important current affairs around the world and also local news. In my case, I get aggregated news from Kenya. This section is further subdivided into categories such as Latest, World, Technology, Business news etc.

Favorites – You can star/mark topics such as entertainment, tech, business so you will get these starred topics more in the For You feed.

Newsstand – If you want to subscribe to news organizations such as CNN, BBC and others, this is the place for you.

So far I am liking the app and it does provide me with the information I need. However it is still early to say whether this is my Go To news app. I am still testing and using this app for the next few days to see whether this does indeed become my primary source for news app.

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