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Let’s BUILD – Microsoft’s Developers Conference

Microsoft BUILD 2018 is upon us and guess what, it is today! Microsoft fans, developers and enthusiasts, all look forward to this annual event where Microsoft announces latest products (mostly software related) and sometimes hardware. Talks about their vision, and many more.

Predominantly, BUILD is a developers conference for the developers. However, they do sometimes reveal devices that complement their software initiatives. They provide their roadmap for the developers.

The fun part, BUILD will be livestreamed at 6:30pm Kenyan time. If you are interested in watching the event, click here.


I will definitely be watching this live and blog about all the major and noteworthy announcements. Be sure to check this site later in the evening.

So, what are we expecting from BUILD 2018:

  • Cloud & Intelligent Edge – It is very clear by now, in Satya Nadella (CEO)’s world, Microsoft is all about Intelligent Cloud and intelligent edge, Artificial Intelligence and bots. So much so that, year over year we came to expect the first day of keynotes were dominated by Windows followed by cloud stuff. However BUILD 2017 we saw first day keynotes were addressed by Satya and Scott Guthre (man behind Azure). Though this year from their website, it seems Windows may return to day 1 announcements. Nevertheless, we shall hear a lot on Cloud, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Edge (fancy words for end points or IoTs), bots and a lot more. All this boils down to Microsoft Azure, their next big product and current cash cow.
  • Windows still matters – Yes, it does. Microsoft still needs a delivery mechanism for All things Cloud. Speaking from Enterprise customers, Windows still matters and accounts for more than 90% worldwide market share. It is well understood Windows is no more the center of our lives from consumers point, that is overtaken by smartphones and tablets. But for the rest of the corporate world, Windows and Windows Servers do matter.
  • UWP & Fluent Design – Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is still breathing despite not so popular among developers. If you don’t know what UWP is, so this Microsoft’s new way for developing modern Universal applications. By Universal they mean, you build one app that can run on Mobile (Phones), Xbox, HoloLens and Windows Desktop. Nonetheless that vision is far from getting realized, as we know what happened with Windows Mobile and there are few number of developers who truly develop anything Universal. In fact there are few quality applications in Microsoft Store made purely in UWP. Still, Microsoft will be talking and giving a lot of coding demos on UWP. As seen on their website, there are over 90 sessions just around UWP. We should expect to hear a lot on Progressive Web Apps too. Fluent Design first introduced last year at BUILD, should also get some attention on its progress thus far and what to expect in coming Windows updates. As RS4 (April Update), we saw good part of Windows got Fluent Design implemented, which is a good to the eyes. Once you have used Windows 10 April Update and seen Fluent Design across Windows, trust me you don’t want to go back. It is indeed beautiful.

As everyone else, I am too waiting for surprises, specially around Andromeda OS and the device itself. We have seen a lot of patents floating around past few months, it is time now that Microsoft lets the rabbit out of the hat.

We are now about 5 hours away from BUILD going live 🙂

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