What Facebook announced at F8 – its developer conference

Last night I wrote about their announcement’s around WhatsApp and Dating feature coming to Facebook app later this year, check here.

F8 – Facebook’s annual developers conference is where they provide noteworthy highlights on their various applications and also give what updates are coming in the near future.

Here are some of the updates:


I already wrote about this, Facebook wants to help you get into long term relationships. Yes, they are getting into dating, like Tinder. Mr. Zuckerberg said yesterday that it will be an opt in option where once you are in, your dating profile will go public. This feature is coming later this year.

Another area Facebook emphasized on is Groups. It is getting a major update and a dedicated tab in the app.

Facebook also announced that Stories (yes, Stories is everywhere now) is getting 3rd party support. That means other app developers can integrate Facebook Stories with their own app. Facebook gave example of Spotify, where they could share their activities (what they’re listening) with Stories right from Spotify app.


M Assistant (M is digital assistant just like Siri and Alexa) is getting translation abilities just like Google Translator. However, at launch it will support English to Spanish and grow over the months.

The Messenger app is also getting major overhaul focusing on clean design and getting rid of all the clutter that Messenger app has collected over the years. Facebook wants to make Messenger simple to use and beautiful in design. Dark theme will also be introduced with this update.

Messenger is also open to 3rd Party developers for AR effects. Developers can create effects for the AR experience in the Messenger app.

You can go watch full F8 Developer Conference here

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