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iTunes Finally Lands on Microsoft Store

After a long wait, iTunes finally arrives on the Windows 10 platform via Microsoft Store.

At Build 2017, Microsoft announced that iTunes will be arriving towards the end of the year on Microsoft Store. However for some unknown reasons it was delayed.

Nonetheless, one of the most loved/hated app, iTunes is here and readily available on the Store, click here to download.


If iTunes is already installed on your computer, then installing from the Store will uninstall your current iTunes.

I have quickly installed the Store edition of the iTunes. There is nothing different about this app than the normal app available from Apple website.

Also note, this is not a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app but it has been converted through Desktop Bridge (Project Centennial). What this means, you can take your current Win32 application, eg the iTunes, and convert it into an appx or UWP wrap and present it into the Microsoft Store.

The advantages of this are many, but the most important are that developers do not have to rewrite the entire application again for UWP. Security is another important factor here.

All in all, the bad reputation of Microsoft Store is slowly dying as many flagship applications have started to arrive on Store. Before iTunes, we saw Spotify, Amazon Music, Adobe Photoshop, Evernote, Microsoft Office 365 among many other.

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