Apple Music reaches 35 Million Subscribers

Eddy Cue – Apple’s Senior VP of Internet software & services said Apple Music now has 35 million subscribers at South by Southwest (SXSW) held at Austin, Texas US.

MusicApple Music is a great service and my primary music service. I have been using this service since it launched. The best part, unlike world’s most popular music streaming service, Spotify, Apple Music is available in Kenya.

Availability worldwide or at least in my region is a very important aspect before I subscribe to a service. I know, there are various ways to make services work for us even if they are not available in our region, I get it.. but it’s something I don’t like and won’t do it.

I’ve subscribed to Family plan which allows my family members (up to 6) and myself to enjoy 45 million songs available through Apple Music. Like many other Apple devices, Apple Music also works best with Apple Products and is available across iPhone, Macs, Apple Tv, newborn HomePod, PCs (via iTunes app) and Android phones.


Eddy also discussed the acquisition of Netflix like subscription service but for digital magazines. Cue said,

Apple News was introduced with the goal of bringing great content in a beautiful layout from trusted sources, and Apple plans to integrate Texture content into Apple News. Part of the goal of Apple News (and owning Texture) is to avoid issues with “a lot of the issues” happening in the media today (like inaccurate stories gaining traction)






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