Google Clips Out Now

Google Clips, an intelligent moments capturing device is out now.

Not available for our region yet (Kenya), but Google’s new smart way of capturing “moments” is out now at $249 or roughly Ksh25,000.

To put it down briefly what Google’s new gadget is, Clips automatically captures short clips of interesting moments that is happening in front of it.

So facing the camera towards your dining table while cutting cake for your 11 year old boy, Clips will capture most interesting short videos from the cake cutting ceremony.

Google also says, it recognizes people who you spend time with most and eventually capture your moment with them the most as it assumes they value in your life more.

Google Clips is powered by machine learning and the computation all happens on the device instead of somewhere in the clouds. This is somehow a relief for privacy concerned people. Google says it does not snoop through or share your pictures and videos unless you explicitly do so.

The biggest problem to me? Well, it does not record SOUND! What a shame. I personally don’t like this missing feature and I assume for most it will be a downer. The Verge also complained about the poor image qualities and not perfectly capturing important moments.

I guess this is a version 1 so some of these issues are bound to happen but missing sound in the clips, that’s a no no.

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