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Edge on iOS and Android gets major update

Microsoft Edge gets major update with a lot of improvements on iOS and Android platforms.

Released today, Edge on iOS gets 3D touch and pop and peek feature. If the user force presses the Edge icon it will reveal various options such as Voice search, Scan a QR Code, InPrivate tab and new tab.

The pop and peek is basically when already in a web page, and there is a hyperlink in the page, so instead of touching and opening a new tab, you force press the hyperlink and a preview window will pop up to show what’s in the link. It is a pressure sensitive feature so if you force harder the page opens fully, or if you remove your finger the pop up disappears. Force touch/3D touch is an iPhone feature introduced with iPhone 6S that Edge is now taking advantage of.

Other important features include ability to share links to Edge from other apps via the iOS Share sheet, ability to set region for news feed on the new tab (would not work for Kenya I believe) and “blazing fast” app start time, as per Microsoft.

Since Microsoft Edge launched on iOS recently, I switched to the browser to test it out. Prior to Edge I was using Google Chrome which is a good browser too, however since on Windows 10 my daily driver is Edge, it only made sense I also give a try on the mobile side.

Some of the benefits include like syncing your browser history and favorites across the two platform and “continue on PC” which means the page you are on, and would like to continue reading the same page on your PC, then you can simply tap on Continue on PC and choose the PC linked to your Microsoft Account. The page almost instantly will appear on Edge in your PC.

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