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This Week in Tech

Crazy Week! Amazon surpasses Microsoft in market Value while Apple struggles with a bug crashing its devices.

Another week ends with no big bag news apart from a few. Here are my top 5 picks of the week.

Surface Pro completes 5 years

So it was definitely a week for Panos Panay (Surface boss) and his team as this week celebrated completing 5 years of Surface Pro since its initial launch in 2013.

I wrote an article on this, go check it out.

I absolutely love this device, it is cool, it is fun to use, it’s a device where people walk slow as they pass by to have a look at it! It’s truly uncompromising device which you can work and play with the 2-in-1 device.

Watch the video below which Surface team put together for the 5th anniversary.

Apple Telugu bug

So another interesting week for Apple, for some reason they are lately in the headlines for all negative reasons. Anyhow.

So Apple devices have got this strange specific Telugu (South Indian language) character bug where if a message is sent or received using Telugu character the app (WhatsApp, Messenger, Gmail) will crash.

This also means, if the character in question shows up in Notifications in iOS devices or even MacOS then the device goes into continues loop of restarts and not going to the desktop.


Amazon Music arrives in Microsoft Store

Microsoft’s Groove Music exits and everyone else starts coming to Windows 10 platform. Hey, it is not a complain, this is good news for Windows 10 fans.

First Spotify, now Amazon Music and soon Apple’s iTunes Music app is also set to arrive on Microsoft Store sometime this year.

Read my post on this here.

Amazon Music

Windows Developers Day

Kevin Gallo (VP Windows Developer Platform) is back this March 7th for all the latest and greatest news in Windows Development.

In this event Microsoft and specifically Kevin shows what’s coming next in the next Windows 10 Update. Read the blog post on this here.

The event will be livestreamed and if you are interested in watching like me, then RSVP by going here.


Amazon surpasses Microsoft in Market Value

So this isn’t small news, the online retail giant, Amazon surpassed Microsoft this past Wednesday with $702.5 Billion while Microsoft sat at $699.2 Billion.

This is interesting on a number of levels, Amazon is now at position 3 only behind the leading big boys Apple and Alphabet (Google’s parent Co) while Microsoft is at 4th in terms of Market capital or value.

With the speed Amazon is growing in revenue it is likely that will soon or later climb to 2nd position.

Amazon’s boss, Jeff Bezos also ended the year with the bang by holding the torch for worlds richest person overthrowing the king of richest people in the world and holding the title of number one for many years, Bill Gates. We should however note Bill Gates has been giving away most of his wealth over the years in philanthropy through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.













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