Photos Companion app by Microsoft

Microsoft has released a new app for iOS and Android which sends photos over Wi-Fi to your PC.

Microsoft has released a new app for iOS and Android which sends photos over Wi-Fi to your PC.

Microsoft’s website states, Photos Companion works with Microsoft Photos in Windows 10 to transfer photos and videos from a phone to a PC over Wi-Fi.

What’s required is the Phone and the PC have to be on the same network/Wi-Fi and the phone and PC needs to authenticate via scan code.

Photos Companion is a Microsoft Garage project, just to remind you, Microsoft Garage projects are projects done in free time by Microsoft staffs where they are able to bring their own ideas to life which may eventually get green sign from their bosses and become part of Microsoft product portfolios.

The Photos Companion app is already available to download for iOS and Androids.

The Garage team that worked on this app gives the back story of the project:

In the fall of 2017, the Microsoft Photos app in Windows 10 was reimagined, with new functionality to automatically organize your media and transform photos and videos into compelling stories and amazing video projects. As part of that rollout, the product team began visiting classrooms in the US and Europe to better understand how educators were currently incorporating video in their lessons, and to ask them to give the Photos app a try.

What we saw surprised us. We saw rich, narrative storytelling. We saw lab reports using video to slow down chemical reactions, or speed up crystal growth. We saw historic reenactments with homemade props, and rap videos featuring numerical constants. But most surprising of all was that the biggest hurdle in the classroom wasn’t helping students decide what to include in their videos, or even editing the video itself. The biggest hurdle many classrooms faced was getting the content students had captured with their phones onto their project PCs.

We began developing a simple, experimental app for iOS and Android to see if we could unblock educators and help them begin using the Photos app in their classrooms. We knew that students often captured on multiple phones or tablets, but leveraged a single “project” PC to assemble their media and create their final project. We also knew that Wi-Fi access in the classroom was great between devices, but that any solution that required the cloud for transfer could be blocked by overloaded networks.

Our solution was to build an app that would support direct wireless transfer between any phone or mobile device and the Photos app on any Windows 10 PC. This would enable students to transfer media to their own computers … or to a shared, project PC … without worrying about network speeds or mobile data charges.

While we built the Photos Companion with students and educators in mind, we know it will be useful to anyone who is looking to complete an epic video project, send media to a friend’s PC, or just get that one special photo onto their computer so it can be edited and turned into the next great post, cover photo, or presentation.

We hope that you enjoy the Photos Companion app … and use it to give all the amazing features in the Photos app for Windows 10 a try!

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