Android users, you may soon send text messages over the web

It's time to rejoice Android users, as your wish may have been answered finally.

It’s time to rejoice Android users, as your wish may have been answered finally.

Android Police reported earlier today that they have found hints in the latest version of Android OS which gives references that in the near future it maybe possible to send/receive RCS (Rich Communication Messages) messages just like iMessages, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Users have been complaining for the longest time to revamp Android messaging platform which as of now sends plain text messages or MMS, which, trust me, is boring. Google confusingly have scattered their Messaging platform, with Allo (true RCS) which is a consumer oriented app, then they have Hangouts mostly targeted at corporates and the native Android stock messaging service.

Unlike Apple’s iMessage which can send and receive plain text messages (from/to non iOS devices) and RCS to iOS devices is all in one place, including MacOS. So an iPhone user can send a text message, a photo or a video to another user who is using a MacOS (via their iPhone of course). The same can be said for WhatsApp or Facebook messenger also, as WhatsApp Web works on any browser or their recently released app on Microsoft Store for Windows 10.

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One hopes it will be easy to setup and go just like WhatsApp, where you pair your phone and computer through a QR code.

Android Police also found hints that makes us believe that it will be available for multiple browsers and supported by multiple devices/computers.

We hope this is true and coming soon, and Google has finally found the right strategy for its messaging platform.

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