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More improvements in the next version of Windows 10

More improvements in the next version of Windows 10

Microsoft just released a new Windows 10 Insider Build 17093 with a lot of improvements and features.

Some noteworthy updates include:

Game Bar improvements

Game Bar is basically a tool for your gaming activity on your Windows 10. Once launched by hitting WinKey + G, one can open Xbox App, Take a screenshot of the on screen game, record last 30 seconds of the game play, start recording, broadcast it to Mixer service or open settings.


With this release, they have done a little makeover to the Game bar experience for easy to find navigation. You can now choose Dark or Light theme.

Graphics improvements

Many new devices are capable of playing HDR videos, but needed calibrations in the factory. With this release, there is a new settings for this under Settings > Apps > Video Playback. Toggle “Stream HDR Video” and your device will be calibrated for HDR videos.


New Graphics settings for Multi GPU systems

A new setting for Graphics to controlling Multi GPU for different applications. What this means, you can give more GPU power to a game or an app which will precedence over the other overall systems settings. This gives more performance push to that one app or a game.

The new settings can be found under, Settings > System > Display.


Eye Control Improvements-

With Falls Creators Update Microsoft had introduced Eye Control, a technology to use your computer with your eyes. With Eye Control, you could use your eyes for mouse control, type using On screen keyboard and communicate with people using text to speech. This is catered for people with special needs who are not able to use mouse and keyboards. Microsoft says with this release they are making Eye control capabilities more easy to use.

  • Easy Navigation
  • Quick Access to start, timelines, settings, device calibration are now available from eye control launchpad
  • Pause when you need to – Addition of a pause button to hide the eye control launchpad when it is not required for things like reading or streaming.

This feature is still in preview.

Windows Security improvements-

Windows Security – New layout to arrive in RS4

To align better with Update & Securty tab in Settings, Microsoft is renaming Windows Defender link (see below image) to Windows Security (see image above). The settings page is also redesigned to focus more on various protection areas. For example:

  • Account Protection – This area is focused on protecting personal information or identity, like this area included setting up Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint or PIN, and will notify Dynamic Lock users if the feature has an error and not working.
  • Device Security – This page provides with status reporting, management of security features.
Windows Defender Old
Windows Defender page found in Falls Creators Update

Bluetooth improvements-

A new feature for Streamlined Pairing and connecting to certain bluetooth devices is getting more simplified with a single click button connection.

Certain devices when they are ready and in the detection range, Windows will show a notification to the user allowing them to quickly start pairing their device.

This feature was built together with the Surface team.


Microsoft Edge improvements-

  • Full screen mode (F11) – is still something Edge has been working on, it was first added with Falls Creators Update. In this build, Microsoft has improved the full screen mode. Prior to this, you could not access address bar or add a site to favorites. In this build, now you can hover your mouse at the top of the screen and the address bar, adding site to favorites and more can be accessed.
  • Clutter Free Printing – Printing web pages normally includes ads and other unwanted stuff. With clutter free printing in this build, you can print webpages with ads and unnessary clutter from the web. At the Print dialog, enable the “Clutter free printing” when you want to avoid unwanted things. Microsoft says this options will be visible for certain type of web pages.

Clutter free

There are more improvements in this build, which you can read it here.

Windows 10 RS4 is expected to release sometime between late March or eary April. We should soon be hearing what this version be called.

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