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WhatsApp finally comes to Microsoft Store

WhatsApp is finally here for Microsoft Store in Windows 10. Available to download now.

It is finally here, it was a long coming for WhatsApp to arrive for Windows 10 via Microsoft Store.

Facebook owned, WhatsApp is a popular messaging mobile app with whooping 1 billion users using it everyday. As Facebook announced mid last year, WhatsApp users send 55 billion messages and 4.5 billion photos per day.


Yes, the app is a big deal and is now available to download from Microsoft Store for Windows 10.

It is a web wrapper, so people who have used WhatsApp Web, will be very familiar with WhatsApp Desktop counterpart, since they’re both almost the same thing.

It has got similar features as we have come to expect from the mobile app:

  • Sharing of multiple files or photos
  • Checking out Status updates for your contacts
  • Emojis
  • Editing profile

Microsoft Store has become a decent Store now after addition of WhatsApp. It has also got other popular apps like Adobe’s Photoshop Elements, Spotify (sorry Kenya, does not work here without tinkering), Netflix, Apple’s iTunes soon to arrive and recently released, Microsoft’s own flagship Office suite.

I will soon write a post on the Microsoft Store and how useful the Store is now compared to few years back.

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