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Apple delays major iOS overhaul

Apple’s iOS 11 arrived with a lot of bang and whistles, but not all were positive. In fact, I don’t recall users complaining so much about the iOS ever before.

iOS11 was announced in June 2017 at WWDC and released in September later that year.

Some big meaty features for iOS included Augmented Reality, that blends digital objects into real world. Automatic setup, when I bought new iPhone X (10) late last year, I kept it close to my existing iPhone 7 Plus and automatically personal settings, preferences, iCloud Keychain passwords synced with the new device. Do Not Disturb While Driving is another neat little but important feature, especially for the iPhone. This feature, automatically senses when you’re driving and turns on the Do Not Disturb Mode, which disables all notifications, phone calls and text messages. People trying to reach you will be notified that you are currently unavailable.

There are numerous other features but they are mostly useful for iPad.


Apple, known for their rock solid operating system, this time round were caught up with a lot of issues and controversies in iOS 11.

Some of the notorious bugs of iOS11 after launch were:

  • i Autocorrects to A: This strange behaviour used to autocorrect an i into an A for some reason.
  • Poor performance: This is true for older devices, like iPhone 5 and 6. Newer generations did not get hit with this significantly.

Aside from the buggy iOS11 experience, Apple was also caught slowing down older iPhones purposely.

Apple admitted and clarified, that they reduce processing speeds of the iPhone in proportion to the deterioration of the battery life. Not doing so, would result in iPhone rebooting/Shut down. Users showed anger towards Apple for hiding this information from them all along, and not allowing a choice in the operating system itself.

So Apple heard and in upcoming iOS11.3, there will be an option to either let the processors run in full throttle or reduce it to suit battery life.

Due to these many problems of the iOS, Apple is delaying the major overhaul of iOS update in the iOS12 due later this year and instead they want to focus more on refining the OS and making it more stable.

As Bloomberg reported, Apple wants to improve the performance of the iOS after months of quality issues and have decided to delay some noteworthy features in the September 2018 update like the redesign of the home screen app grid. This has been long due as iPhone’s home screen has been literally unchanged since the original iPhone in 2007.

It is also said that just like Microsoft, Apple is also working on merging the app platform, dubbed Universal App Platform for iOS and MacOS. So developers can write once and run it on both platforms, similarly to Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform.

Apple will likely talk about the latest iOS12 in their upcoming WWDC (WorldWide Developers Conference) that takes place around June every year.

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