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Windows 10 Falls Creators Update reaches 100M

Windows 10 Falls Creators Update, or the sequel to Creators Update (as Hollywood would put it) was released on 17th of October 2017 and Microsoft said yesterday in a blog post that it is the fastest version of Windows 10 to reach 100 million milestone.

John Cable wrote, “We’re pleased to announce that the Falls Creators Update was the fastest Windows 10 release to reach 100 million devices.”

He continues to say that it has achieved the highest customer satisfaction ratings compared to the previous releases.

Windows 10 Falls Creators Update was known for bringing some notable features like the My People, Improved Action Center, Fluent Design in some apps like Mail, Calendar, Calculator. However the biggest feature was of course the encore of OneDrive File On Demand.


If you remember, OneDrive had Placeholders in Windows 8 and 8.1 where you could see your entire collection on OneDrive but not necessarily downloaded on your computer. You would see sort of virtual folder and its contents but they would not be sitting/taking space on your local disk until you explicitly make it available offline. This feature, which I personally loved because of my modest disk space on Surface Pro 1 with 128GB back then, was very popular and liked by many enthusiasts. It was scaled back because some users did not understand what Placeholders are and got stuck thinking their folders are available offline. Microsoft received a lot of negative feedback about this misleading implementation of the feature.

Nevertheless, the feature was brought back with Falls Creators Update with better explanation and UI designs.

Microsoft also said in the blog post that Falls Creators Update (also known as v1709) is fully available worldwide for all compatible devices. Full availability is the final phase of the new version roll out.


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