Feature Focus: OneDrive

First things first, Happy New Year everyone. And yes, I’ve been away for a while so apologies for that. I have been quite busy with personal and professional life. Nevertheless, I am back and will be writing more frequently than before.

OneDrive is Microsoft’s files hosting and sharing service. OneDrive allows users to store, access and share files with others. It not only stores user files but also Windows settings. I’ve been using Microsoft’s syncing application called OneDrive from the time it was announced back in the days.

A little background on OneDrive and why I like. OneDrive used to be called Windows Live SkyDrive 10 years ago when it was launched in limited countries. It was part of what was called back then, Windows Live suite of applications, that included Windows Live Photos, Movie Maker, Live Writer among others.

I used to use the app even then, however the engine behind the sync technologies seemed slow and buggy. It took hours to sync folders and music files.

In February 2014, SkyDrive was renamed to OneDrive because of a lawsuit with British television for using the word Sky.

So, how do I use OneDrive and how it benefits me with various tasks.

I use OneDrive on my Windows PCs (Lenovo laptop and personal Surface Pro 4), on my iPhone X (yes, I’ve upgraded my phone from iPhone 7 Plus to X, iPhone X review coming soon) and on the web. OneDrive comes built in Windows 10 or can be downloaded from this link – Download OneDrive.

OneDrive Explorer

As mentioned above, I have OneDrive configured on my various devices which automatically syncs with OneDrive. By default, upon new signup a user gets 5GB for free. But if you are a Microsoft Office 365 Personal subscriber then you get additional 1TB.


I am currently using 167GB of 1.04TB. My 167GB comprises of my office documents, personal files, my music library which is roughly about 40GB in size, 60GB of movies.

Since I do not carry my office laptop home everyday and when I need to access files that I need to work on from home, I use my SP4 which is also configured with same OneDrive as office and get all my files and folders. I can work on those files and save them on my SP4 which syncs back with OneDrive which is then available again on my office laptop and all other devices.

This is very convenient for me and should be for everyone who would like to access their files from virtually anywhere in the world as long as they are connected to the internet.

Another advantage of OneDrive is that it can be accessed also from the web, so let’s say if you do not have access to your personal computers where OneDrive is configured, no worries, pick any PC with internet and go to and sign into your account, and boom, all your files and folders are right there. See example below.

1Drive on web

Files like Word, Excel and OneNote open right in the browser through Office Web Apps, and other unrecognized files can be downloaded.

With OneDrive mobile apps on iOS and Android, automatically all new photos & videos taken on phones can be uploaded. This is a big one for me as I am a heavy user of cameras on mobiles. I take a lot of photos, and they get synced almost instantly to my cloud storage. When I come sit on my laptop, the same photos are waiting for me to be viewed or edited through Photos app on Windows 10. This automatic movement of files between devices is a dream come true for those who used to move files between laptops or phones via flash drives. Today this feature is taken for granted but it is truly a beautiful and must have feature.

onedrive-for-ios There is a lot of features within OneDrive that are important to talk about, but this blog will become even longer than it is already.

OneDrive File On Demand is so important a feature that I will talk about it in my upcoming posts. You can however read it here.

Comment below on what you think about OneDrive.

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