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With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new biometric system mechanism to sign into your PC. The new method to sign in is with, yourself. Yes, Windows Hello system uses either your face, using facial recognition or fingerprints. It is a very convenient way of signing into your PC, which I absolutely love and prefer.

Windows Hello (facial or fingerprint) isn’t new anymore and you probably already know about it. I will be brief explaining.

I have been using facial recognition to sign into my Surface Pro 4 since early last year when I bought the device. I love signing into my PC with it 95 percent of the times. In low light areas it’s when it fails to recognize you, this does not mean it cannot recognize you at all in low light areas.

It is super fast. Most of the times you will not be able to admire the beautiful lock screen wallpaper you have set or which comes off Bing. The moment the PC goes to sign in option and IR (Iris scanner) turns on it has already detected you and you are in.

Currently a lot of computers support Windows hello IR scan, like Dell Inspiron 13 7000, HP Spectre x360, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga and of course Surface Book and Pro. Others with fingerprint option includes but not limited to, Dell XPS 13, Lenovo Yoga 910, Samsung Notebook 9 and many others.

See below video to understand Windows Hello (facial recognition) better.

Windows Hello is not only used for signing into your PC but also used for signing into compatible websites, so instead of putting in username and password, just sign in using your face. It can also be used for purchasing Windows Store items, such as songs, movies, apps.

To setup Hello, head to Settings > Accounts > Sign In Options and set up Hello with step by step wizard guide.


This was little information about Windows Hello. But what is Windows Goodbye?

Well, Windows Goodbye was a reference made to a new Creators Update feature which is now called, Dynamic Lock.


It is a interesting new feature in Windows 10 Creators Update, and which I have recently started using.

Dynamic Lock is basically locking your PC automatically when you walk away. Walk away? Well yes, the feature pairs with your Bluetooth enabled phone, such as Windows 10 Mobile, Android or iPhone. Once the Bluetooth has been established with your phone, in my case the iPhone 7 Plus, when you walk away from your computer to a certain distance and your PC no more able to retain that Bluetooth connection with your phone, the PC then understands that it is you who are not at your desk and walked away with your phone. It then automatically locks your computer.

I am sort of enjoying this feature but there are few caveats. First, I haven’t yet established what happens when you connect two phones with your computer? Let’s say an iPhone and a Samsung Phone. Which phone does Dynamic Lock work with? Currently I don’t see option of choosing which device to make it work with Dynamic Lock.

Secondly, in my limited tests, I have realized sometimes when I walk away with my phone, my computer does not lock. I understand this is version one so such glitches are bound to happen. But then, this is a security feature and even with version one, it must run as it is expected to. Microsoft should not let this feature let out to people when it is not fully functional. You cannot mess around with a security feature, specially if you are going to be relying on this that your computer will just lock when you are away with your phone only to realize later, that it never locked.

Nonetheless, it exists in Windows 10 CU, and to setting it up is simple. First add your phone (Add Bluetooth or other devices) from Devices under Settings. Once your new phone is added, head to Sign In options under Accounts and click on “Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device” as shown in the image above.

Once the setup is done, whenever you walk away with your connected phone, you PC will automatically lock.

That’s it for now folks, leave me a comment below and let me know what you think about Windows Hello and Goodbye (Dynamic Lock).

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