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As part of the Windows 10 Creators Update, there is a new app, Paint 3D. Paint 3D is not a replacement for one of the oldest apps bundled with Windows, but it is an addition to it. Or put simply, Paint app on steroids. Small caveat though, Paint 3D only works with Windows 10, and Creators Update, to be more precise.

Paint (not Paint 3D) has been part of Windows since Windows 1.0, that goes way back to 1985. Ever since, it has been part and supported by most Windows versions overtime.

Paint in Windows 7

It is a very basic, simple application for as the name suggests, Painting or drawing. It can handle cropping, adding colors, adding text to a photo, resizing image, open and save as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and et cetera. There’s a lot written about the Paint app and I would not extensively explain here what it does and does not.


Paint 3D

Just late last week, one of my colleagues asked me (as people take me as Mr. Know-it-all IT stuff),  do I know of an app that can kick start a kid’s drawing skills, like in 3D, 3D modelling. The first app I could think of, was of course the Paint 3D app, free of cost, right in Windows. It is what triggered me to write this post.

Paint-3D-I am not at all an artist, and I totally suck in drawings. But the people who are good in drawing stuff, Paint 3D might be a starter.

But having used the app, not extensively though, it is a simple app, that can convert your 2D models or image into 3D magically!

You can create objects, which has got 3D effect (like rotate, see from every side), add colors to it, there’s improved brushes for adding splashy and vibrant colors.

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The best part, Windows 10 is very good with stylus/pen or pencil (in case of Apple :-). The computers, tablets supporting stylus inputs, can leverage Paint 3D’s new ways of drawings, adding textures, rotating in a natural & intuitive ways that was not possible before.

The new Paint app, also supports stickers. Stickers are a cosmetic tool that acts as a layer on to your 3D surface. These are predefined details, such as adding an eyeballs to your image, instead of drawing the whole thing a fresh, you can simply drag it to your screen and it blends in with whatever you have drawn. This also goes for texts. You can write “IrfaanWahid.Tech” and stick it to your drawing, it then automatically adopts to the 3D environment and starts acting like one.

Microsoft has also build a new community website for 3D artists showcasing their work, and sharing it with others. The is a place where you can upload your 3D models, so others can either contribute to your work or simply download and reuse it in their own work. I believe, in near future, Microsoft themselves and also other artists will sell 3D models on this site. So there is going to be the Free models, and others that you can buy. It is a great initiative by MS, and it will give a lot of popularity to 3D subject, which otherwise is considered for highly skilled individuals. It is also a great platform for the beginners, to have basic understandings of 3D modelling before going level up for Pro software, 3D animations and stuff.

There are couple of options out there for a hardware device that supports Touch+Pen input. I use Surface Pro 4, and it comes with a superb pen support, with a 1,024 touch levels. This is a premium device with a premium price tag. There are many other offerings from Lenovo, Dell, HP that supports pen input that you can check it out if you are interested in this kind of device.

If your child is into drawing and 3D stuff, I did recommend when Windows 10 Creators Update releases (April 11 they say), go check it out, it maybe worth it. However, this does not limit to children alone, adults like me who have a itch of drawing in 3D, this is also for you, so watch for this app when it comes.

That’s it for now folks, hope you liked my first Feature Focus. Let me know what you think about it. Also, enjoy the video below elaborating on Paint 3D app.

Till then, have a great day.

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